About Julky



Julky Lenoci is an animal lover. Originally born in Brazil, she has been involved with dogs her whole life. She moved to Connecticut fifteen years ago to attend the University of New Haven with a major in the music business. In 2006 she & her husband married and then decided to add to their ever-growing family of furry friends. 2007 was a memorable year! She got her first show dog Split and applied to become a dog trainer through Animal Behavior College (ABC). She graduated from ABC in 2009. She is an APDT member and attends conferences and seminars to actively learn and network. With a focus on puppy behavior and training, she likes to help owners & breeders socialize their puppies and help fix any issues they may have. Julia has built up the Rebel Soul name and continues to enjoy and represent the breeding programs she believes in. Her mission is to help all dog lovers and better the Mini American Shepherd breed. 

Rebel Soul is a small hobby breeder in Oregon with a focus on breeding Mini American Shepherds (aka Mini Aussies ). All puppies are raised inside our home. Health clearances are performed on all our dogs (OFA, CERF, PRA, HC, MDR1), and Rebel Soul guarantees puppies that are free of genetic diseases. As a certified dog trainer, Julky makes sure that puppies are raised holistically and that puppies are extremely well socialized.